Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust

Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust is a large NHS Trust in the South of England. Hampshire Trust use Contract Information Management Systems from Target called ACCORD.

Many Trusts in the UK resort to using Excel spreadsheets to manage the day to day activities surrounding the contracts that they have in place with suppliers who deliver goods and services to them under a contractual agreement.

This is often because the legacy finance system doesn’t support this data management function.

Contracts have a great deal of data such as:

  • Contract Title
  • Contract Requirements
  • Contract Costs
  • An internal buyer manager
    • Name, contact details
  • An internal contact who is the receiver of the goods or services
    • Name, department, contact details, contracts
  • Suppliers
    • Name, contact details, contracts
  • Contracts
    • Contract details, internal buyer, internal contact, payment schedule, documents
  • Reporting
    • Expiry dates, Review Dates, Payment Schedule

"My team and I have to manage an enormous amount data every day. Working with the team at Target, we instructed them of our need to better manage, share and report on our important contracts data. Target delivered a project on time, to budget and beyond our initial expectations."

Tammie PurdueHead of Purchasing and Supplies

This data was being managed by a number of buyers across a number of sites in a number of various spreadsheet formats.

As part of the ACCORD installation the Data Team at Target manually migrated several thousand records manually over a three day period. The services used were:

  • Manual Data Aggregation
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Manual Inspection & Data Validation

If you’ve got a great deal of data and you need it aggregating, cleansing, migrating or exported in a complex data structure in XML to import into a new or current system then Target can help.

Let’s collaborate and together we can contract management simple.