Oasis Dental Care

Oasis Dental Care is a leading provider of NHS and private dental treatment throughout the UK with over 300 practices. Their practice and central support teams ensure that their clinicians are fully supported and their patients receive the best possible service in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The procurement team at Oasis Dental Care were previously working in spreadsheets and were looking for a system that would improve efficiencies around the management of contracts and supply chain data. Following a presentation and overview of Target’s Accord contract management system, the organisation could see the benefits of the system as well as the opportunities it presented for additional functionality.

While working closely with Oasis Dental Care, Target built an integrated Rebates Manager into the Accord system just for the organisation. Accord allows the procurement team at Oasis Dental Care to manage all the contracts data they have with their supply chain, along with all the information and documents needed against their supplier. With the additional functionality of Accord Rebates Manager, the organisation is now able to automate complex rebate calculations to reduce the time spent using manual processes.

With its additional functionality the contracts information manager and reporting system is providing a central platform to gain complete control and visibility of the organisations contracts, rebates and reports, to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and ensure compliance.

Let’s collaborate and together we can contract management simple.