An innovative twist on Accord

As requirements change so do our systems; we like to ensure the systems we deliver to our clients can be configured and evolved to meet the business needs.

Working closely with our existing clients, the team have developed some great add on modules that other clients or potential customers could take advantage of with our Accord Contracts Management Systems.

Instant Insights

with Spend Analytics

Create clear insights and have visibility on non-compliant procurement processes that need to be reviewed and improved.

Gain contract overview, with a forward look into contracts to understand which are expiring and to plan ahead while additionally creating spend analysis reports. See all the associated data to create summaries to review spend and understand your contract value with a simple Red, Amber, Green Dashboard. Spend Analytics can easily and efficiently identify where are your gaps to help you review and make more informed decisions.

Secure Supplier Portal

Provide a collaborative working environment for your Suppliers for handling compliance documents. Alert Suppliers to Project/Contract milestones, reviews, renewals etc. Drive Supplier engagement to help with your productivity and save time.

Send contracted suppliers their own user login so they can see the contracts you have in place with them and provide additional information and documents to save you valuable man hours.

Enable Suppliers to upload documentation, e.g. Insurance documents, Contractors individual certification and audit reports. You can evidence compliance to enable users to manage information and save your productivity time.

Controlled Facilities
and Asset Contracts

Manage full asset registers so that maintenance contracts are linked to your site equipment, for inspection, calibration and planned maintenance needs. Deliver complete compliance throughout the business.

A centralised, detailed register of all assets in your organisation at your fingertips. Improve visibility on your corporate governance responsibility and have complete transparency on all the information around Lifting Equipment, Legionella, Asbestos, Pressure Systems etc. Upload, store, retrieve, share and access all the documents relevant to your assets. Manage full maintenance logs and service history to gain full control, compliance and save time searching your information.

Reduce risk by automating your maintenance plan so you know what needs doing, by when and also by whom. Preventative Planned Maintenance can help track repair costs enabling you to make informed decisions about purchasing new assets versus the cost of repairing, to get the most from your budget.

Project Tracker

Have a clear view on overall progress of each stage from: Initiation, Requirements and Advertisement, to Evaluation, Contract Award, Implementation and Close Off. Manage your projects life cycle to evidence compliance in your procurement processes.

See the status of all your Projects at a glance through a graphical digital dashboard that alerts you to anything that needs your attention. Make informed decisions quickly and improve your overall project planning. Upload and store project information to share with the wider organisation giving them visibility, improving communication and reducing management time.

Track a number of metrics to manage your procurement processes more closely and evidence efficiencies to provide a starting point towards improving your overall processes.

Improved Supplier KPI’s

Create clear insights and record, review and rate your suppliers to drive performance, initiative and improvements. Identify any risks, cost savings, innovation opportunities and successes, value for money initiatives and customer satisfaction.

Have a standard set of Supplier Performance questions or adapt forms for contract specific monitoring. With flexible and adaptable Scorecards manage all the associated data to create clear insights so you can understand your supply chain. Involve stakeholders with incredible efficiency and schedule a review, email the stakeholder, click the link, score the supplier performance.

Achieve a collaborative working environment so Supplier & Stakeholder both can focus on generating quality services and enhance productivity.

Contract Documents

Enable collaborative working with additional Contract document tools to enforce competency and compliance within the procurement process.

Generate, version and approve documents linked to your contract to improve visibility and document storage. Create documents efficiently and to company guidelines with a click of a button. Using your own business templates Accord will place your data in your approved document template to enforce competency and compliance.

Set user role permissions and hierarchy enable you to be efficiently alerted to documents needing sign off as part of your agreed approval process.

Rebates Manager

Automate your Contract Rebates process by removing the manual, time consuming tasks to have your income values and dates at the touch of a button. Track who, when and how much you are expecting in rebate by any required calculation method.

Accord enables all rebate information in one, central location with one, many or all users able to see your rebates as desired. Gain overall visibility, improve cash flow and make more informed decisions on future contract negotiations. Create alerts for yourself or a colleague or a manager and make sure important activities are being managed. Don’t miss anything.

“The system has provided the perfect solution for our team”

The Accord Contract Management System has supported Osborne Clarke with a more efficient management process, to provide control and visibility.

With the implementation of a procurement department the business required a central register of contracts. It was important to the firm this central contract repository would support the team to have improved visibility, make alerts and escalations to stakeholders and help them easily share internal data with their wider organisation.

Learn more from our team and how our innovative contracts management can empower your business.