Posted on 18th April 2010

Thought Leadership

Accord: A Modern Twist on a Traditional Contracts Management

Who? Accord

What? Accord is a contracts management system.

Where? Target’s Accord contracts management system can be used in your organisations purchasing, procurement, commercial and facilities department.

When? The Accord system is to be used when the heavy burden of contracts management and the risk of purely human management is too high – When the method of unkept and misplaced contracts management is ultimately causing a whole host of problems and costing your organisation too much time and money.

Why? Accord was created to help manage contracts in the most efficient, cost effective and compliant way. Accord’s information management and automated reporting is to help organisations gain one version of the truth surrounding contracts data and ensure nothing gets missed in the procurement and purchasing process.

How? The Accord contracts management system improves processes and the responsibility of organising and maintaining contracts through better information management and by providing four core functions:

  1. A secure place for contracts to be stored.
  2. A place where contract activities can be tracked.
  3. An easy place to access contracts and find them by search criteria for instant results.
  4. A place where reporting functions can gather and pull information quickly for contract decision making.

With these core functions and additional features the system will not only help save money and time for managers, but it will also produce a long-term reduction in costs, increase auditability, improve future stability and reduce overall risk.
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