Posted on 18th July 2019

Thought Leadership

What’s Wrong With Your Contracts Management Process?

Do you feel you are stuck in a system that just doesn’t do what you want it to do? And you just carry out your day trying to work around these issues just so you can get the job done?

It is typical for businesses to stay and not challenge their current systems functionality and contracts management process as it is less hassle to just stay put than make a change and use a different system. But as you struggle to manage your contract and supplier data through the contract life-cycle, you could be missing out on some valuable information for a more competitive deal and possibly cost your business a substantial amount of money in the process.

Some systems lack the basic or even robust functionality to help your procurement department through the contract management process. Not efficiently and effectively managing the data that surrounds your contracts, including supplier relationship data and internal contact activities can create a huge impact on business performance, bottom-line and risk.

To avoid the mistakes that might end you up in some deep water be sure to get a system that is able to:

  • Easily store all contracts, suppliers and internal department contacts.
  • Create contract expiry alerts.
  • Create contract reviews and termination activities.
  • Upload and store accompanying documents.
  • Automate reporting for spend forecasting.

The above functionality is only a small part of what our Accord Contract Management System can do. It is simple to install, configure and migrate with all your existing data to ensure a seamless contracts management process.

Our Contract Management Systems are powering various organisations in the both the public and private sector from a number of NHS Trusts to Coca-Cola European Partners, National University of Ireland – Galway and The British Library.

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