Being more productive and more efficient.


Accord can and will be continually developed to master the challenges teams will continue to come across. Accord is a flexible software solution and will continue to grow alongside businesses to support and automate your workplace thinking to always create value for your business.


A collaborative system for your business.

We know keeping on top of contracts, managing suppliers and making sure everything complies with standard can be hard work.

That’s why we created Accord.

Accord was created with the user and business needs in mind. Offering the perfect solutions for busy procurement, legal, commercial and business management teams, Accord delivers a simple and easy to use system that will provide you and your teams with everything you need to manage your contract life-cycle and supplier information.

Taking on your business challenges, helping automated your workflows and meeting your additional needs and requirements, Accord can be developed to help you implement future changes in your contract management process.


Gain full visibility of everything to do with your contract. Forge a relationship between your internal stakeholder, the customer and the contract being delivered.

Increasing the visibility of your contract awards ensures your organisation is minimising risk for governance and compliance purposes.


Save time with data automation. Choose from a set of standard reports or export any stored data into a report.

Instantly access any of your data any way you wish.

Individual Home Page Work Plans

Significantly improve productivity through focusing your team on their individual work plan.

As a Manager, you have the ability to be able to see each of your teams work plan, instantly. Helping you to effectively resource plan and review when appraisals are due.


Enjoy a smarter way to look at data.

See at a glance, real-time information, metrics and other key data points relevant to the business and your contract management process, with data visuals on a digital dashboard.


Create clear insights for your team and additional departments by having full visibility on contract overview; using the forward look report about your contracts, understand which are expiring and plan ahead.

Increase Productivity

Created with the user and business needs in mind.

A simple and easy to use system that will provide you and your teams with everything you need to manage your contracts. Orderly and visual digital dashboards and reports, to see a complete picture of your contract management activities.

Enable Strategic

Empowering your team with a system that provides a smarter way to look at your data.

Accord provides efficient methods of managing key information but also provides the tools to enable you and your teams to make strategic and informed decisions.

Instant Security and Integrity

Delivering one version of the truth.
A collaborative system for your business makes communication more convenient; enabling information to be securely stored and shared across multiple departments to eliminate risk of duplicate data entry.

Add-On Module

Controlled Facilities and Asset Contracts

Manage full asset registers so that maintenance contracts are linked to your site equipment, for inspection, calibration and planned maintenance needs.

A centralised, detailed register of all assets in your organisation at your fingertips. Improve visibility on your corporate governance responsibility and have complete transparency on all the information around Lifting Equipment, Legionella, Asbestos, Pressure Systems etc. Upload, store, retrieve, share and access all the documents relevant to your assets. Manage full maintenance logs and service history to gain full control, compliance and save time searching your information.


All Add-On Modules

Let’s collaborate and together we can make contracts management simple.