Delivering one version of the truth.

Accord is a collaborative system for your business making communication more convenient; Store and manage all your customers and suppliers data, and their documents while saving auditable activities. Securely stored and shared across your multiple departments to eliminate risk of duplicate data entry.

Improving data protection by bringing your key data and team together.

We know keeping on top of contracts, managing suppliers and making sure everything complies with standard can be hard work.

That’s why we created Accord.

Accord was created with the user and business needs in mind. Delivering a simple and easy to use system that will provide you and your teams with everything you need to manage your contract life-cycle and supplier information.

Offering the perfect solutions for busy procurement, legal, commercial and business management teams, store and manage all your key data and save time by viewing at a glance which contracts you are delivering.


Enable collaborative working with a centralised register of contracts and manage current, un-awarded and historic contracts. Improve everyone’s visibility of the progress throughout; reduce chase up times and generate longer supplier negotiations.


Save time by viewing at a glance, all the information you need to know about your Suppliers. See a register of auditable activities and gain compliance through effective Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

Users, Permissions
& Hierarchy

Manage and control your users with an integrated CRM functions and set up user role permissions and hierarchy to specify what tasks users can perform and what information users can access.

Document Storage
& Versioning

Upload specifications, quotations, softcopy contract, Service Level Agreements etc., in any format. Create folder structures and document versions with your Contract and Supplier Data and save time and effort; knowing where your documents are.

Increase Productivity

Created with the user and business needs in mind.

A simple and easy to use system that will provide you and your teams with everything you need to manage your contracts. Orderly and visual digital dashboards and reports, to see a complete picture of your contract management activities. 


Enable Strategic

Empowering your team with a system that provides a smarter way to look at your data.

Accord provides efficient methods of managing key information but also provides the tools to enable you and your teams to make strategic and informed decisions.

Develop Progressive Actions

Compliant contract information management with exception visibility and detailed reporting.

Accord is a flexible software solution which continues to grow alongside your organisation to support and automate your workplace thinking to always create value for your business.

Add-On Module

Secure Supplier Portal

Provide a collaborative working environment for your Suppliers for handling compliance documents. Alert Suppliers to Project/Contract milestones, reviews, renewals etc. Drive Supplier engagement to help with your productivity and save time.

Send contracted suppliers their own user login so they can see the contracts you have in place with them and provide additional information and documents to save you valuable man hours.

Enable Suppliers to upload documentation, e.g. Insurance documents, Contractors individual certification and audit reports. You can evidence compliance to enable users to manage information and save your productivity time.


All Add-On Modules

Let’s bring your team together to deliver one version of the truth.