Bedford Hospital NHS Trust

Tom Devine, Head of Procurement, Bedford Hospital NHS Trust says: “Bedford Hospital is a small to medium size NHS Trust based in the County town of Bedfordshire.

The Trust provides the full range of acute services to its local population. The Trust required to address the Information Governance Agenda (IG Toolkit) that applies across the NHS and in addition was looking at a possible merger with a neighbouring Trust.

The issue with regard to Information Governance was that of knowing which Contracts/Agreements were being stored where, for how long, were renewed in a timely manner and appropriately disposed of at the right time (i.e. DOH guidelines for record retention).

The issue with regard to the Trust merger (which incidentally did not go ahead) was the due diligence requirement so the Trusts could clearly understand what contracts existed and would be novated should the merger be agreed.

"Accord does exactly what it says on the tin; providing a user friendly contracts database at a reasonable cost. The Target team have an admirable ‘can do’ ethic."

Tom DevineHead of Procurement

“The Trust was approached by Target Information systems with its Accord Register of Contracts and Contracts Management Database and, very quickly, we purchased it as it clearly addressed these two issues.”

Let’s collaborate and together we can contract management simple.