Fusion21 helps people buy smarter in the public sector and make a difference in communities across the UK. Providing a range of national procurement and community regeneration services to 400+ public sector organisations, the organisation has delivered more than £177 million savings through the procurement process; created more than 4,000 jobs and generated more than £68 million of community impact.

Looking for an alternative contract management solution, Fusion21 required a system that could better manage how it procures goods and services on behalf of its members.

As a result, Target has worked closely with Fusion21 to configure its Accord Contracts Management System – designed to manage all of the various data entities needed to create a synergy of
information between Fusion21’s procurement processes.

In addition to enabling the organisation to capture, store and manage information around projects and contracts, Target’s Accord system is now helping Fusion21 to track, monitor, audit and have visibility on large amounts of data in a clear and concise central location for its users.

Working collaboratively, the Accord system has been built and tailored to meet Fusion21’s requirements, processes and frameworks, whilst supporting how it works with internal departments and members. The system provides additional functionality around:

  • Project tracking;
  • Transparency on business units;

"Working with Target and implementing Accord we have an enhanced contract management system which is a fantastic asset to our business."

Mark ChadwickDirector of Business Services
  • Financial overviews to understand revenue, budget, forecasting and the potential pipeline;
  • Analytic reports on lead activity and conversions;
  • Invoice reporting,
  • Project and individual KPI’s;
  • Activity categorisation and monitoring;
  • Audit reports and checklists.

Mark Chadwick, Director of Business Services at Fusion21 said; “Working with Target and implementing Accord we have an enhanced contract management system which is a fantastic asset
to our business.”

“The team’s skills and expertise in information management and reporting has resulted in a well managed and executed project – all achieved within budget and to our chosen specifications. We would recommend Target, and we’ve been impressed with their helpful and efficient support services.”

Let’s collaborate and together we can contract management simple.