The proof is in

the pie(-chart)


We’ve been letting you know how Accord can enable your organisation to continue working safely and productively with; Homeworking access, Alerts and Escalations notifications, Contracts Management and Supplier/Vendor Management.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it, so we went and asked our Clients how they got on…

“User Friendly, Great on Reports, do not know where I would be without this system!!!”

Question: Accord’s cloud-based platform with its Digital Dash-boarding, Homepage To-Do Activities, and alerts and escalations around key Contract milestones, has been essential to us maintaining and managing our contracts during this crisis, and with a remote workforce.

0% agreed

“Accord provides a system that meets all our needs in respect of Catalogue management”

Question: Before Accord we were managing our Contracts and Suppliers, via spreadsheets and/or inefficient databases, which made accessing data, gaining an overall view of that data, and acting on key dates and contract terms could be timely, difficult, and inefficient.

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“The Accord system has been really good for the CCG, we can see at a glance where contracts need work and gather costs in one go.”

Question: Without Accord, working collaboratively and maintaining our contracts with a remote and/or a reduced team during this period, would have been very difficult.

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“Accord has revolutionised the way we undertake supplier and contract management. Previously a spreadsheet was used, which was manual, time-consuming and renewal/termination dates were easily (and often) missed. Accord automates all that, not only meaning we get relevant timely info, but it frees up my team to undertake tasks to save even more. It’s ability to integrate with other systems also means the data is up-to-date, relevant and allows superb reporting. We love it!”

Question: We have found Accord is completely adaptable to our business needs, and our procurement process and procedures.

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“The Accord system helps us review unused information and also to link contracts together across departments to reduce repetitive entering of information.”

Question: Accord saves us time, effort and ultimately cost; without it, managing our Contracts, Suppliers, Internal Stakeholders/contacts and our budgets, would be less efficient.

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