87% of clients agreed that Accord provides easy access to data to gain an overall view of key performance indicators.

Struggling to keep track of your key data, and manage supplier and contract performance?

Remove the guess-work with efficient and robust performance, planning and reporting tools

Struggling to keep track of your key data

Being out of touch with your contracts post-award is costing you time, money, and missed opportunities!

Work alongside and collaboratively with your stakeholder to track contract and supplier performance through the contract lifecycle

Distributed and out-of-touch contract management

Using Accord to track contract and suppliers

Arduous task of chasing and manually compiling reports Automates and streamlines the collection of contract and supplier data
Time-consuming internal searching to find key data Easily search and query your contract and supplier data, and work faster and more productively
Missed opportunities from potential savings or better renegotiated terms Identify duplicate requirements and cost saving opportunities from having all the information you need at hand
Lack of evidence for early-terminations Make evidence-based terminations and renegotiate better terms based on performance data
Manually keeping track and monitoring contract data. Dashboard view and alerts and escalation so you never miss another key date
Inconsistent monitoring of contract obligations and performance. KPI templates for consistent performance reporting
Stakeholders missing key dates and renewals and making costly mistakes Key dates and terms are captured with user-defined escalation process so nothing gets missed
Lack of procedural compliance Built-in compliance workflows and audit trails ensure a compliant process
Manually chasing suppliers or stakeholders for documents Document Requests and Approvals directly from Accord
Missed or inconsistent scheduling of Reviews Review Scheduler and reminder alerts to regularly perform Reviews and capture minutes

When you need to keep track of your key contracts and supplier, relax, knowing Accord is helping you stay in control

If you can’t quickly put your finger on key contract data or have to scramble for an update on a contracts performance  – you need a system that can help with that, ensuring you stay in the know throughout the contract lifecycle and that you can provide a quality service.

Accord can help significantly, and quickly, by delivering: searchable contracts and supplier register, dashboard and configurable reporting on contract data, expiries and renewals Alert and Escalations, KPI Scorecards for performance reporting, Review Scheduling and recording; helping you keep track of key contracts and supplier data and maximise opportunities to provide a better service.

When you need to improve performance, you turn to Accord.

Improve your spend under management record by working collaboratively with your stakeholder and supplier to keep on top of contract data, capture obligations and report on performance with Review Scheduler and KPI Scorecards. Improve renegotiations, achieve savings and improved terms with an evidence-based audit trail of contractual performance.


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When you need to free up time to think strategically, you turn to Accord.

See all contracts by status on a real-time digital dashboard and look ahead 12-24 months on the Forward-Look Report to see contracts’ by end dates, reviews, extensions. Filter the report to show yours or your team’s personalised workplan for effective resource planning. Ensure a longer lead time for supplier renegotiations to achieve best value contract management.

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When you need to focus on what counts you turn to Accord.

Automated and configurable alerts and escalations on your dashboard or email alongside self-scheduled or automated task emails means you can ensure you’re alerted and on top of key dates in your contracts’ lifecycle, so you can eliminate unwanted contract renewals, reduce costs and costly mistakes.

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“We saw that the Accord contract management system gave the opportunity to make the system our own; the flexibility around its configuration has enabled us to bring the requirements around our supplier data we needed, to life.”

Dan Satterthwaite, Procurement Manager, RSPB Read full case study

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