91.3% of clients said Accord has enabled collaborative working and to easily maintain contracts with a hybrid working team.

Frustrated with internal communication and the need to manage contracts across multiple departments and stakeholders?

Create a collaborative hub for your contract and supplier information and reporting

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Multiple stakeholder, multiple contracts, and multiple supplier means multiples of hard work.

Pulling all your information into one place, Accord is helping you gain visibility on your distributed contract management.

Slow and scattered reporting.

Complete visibility with Accord.

Multiple files and folders in multiple locations lacks efficient control, visibility and security. Collaboratively work with your team and other departments by storing and managing all your contracts and supplier data in one centralised place.
Manual, GDPR-risky, sharing of key data. GDPR compliant and permission based access to data.
Manually managing documents while compiling all information on contracts and suppliers. Document Request and Approvals for streamlined document management.
Recording, storage and reporting data is inconsistent, unreliable, and difficult to audit. Gain confidence that all data is collated and stored according to your compliant procedures.
Targeted to make savings and reduce costs yet working with out-of-date and unreliable data. Gain a Forward-Look Report to effectively resource plan, avoid unwanted renewals and make strategic savings.
Unable to reliable forecast spend as contracts are spread across functions and departments. Consolidate your spend under contract and view forecast spend on Payment Schedule
Your stakeholders or contract owner need to access key contract information and you need to manage their access and compliance. Read-only access to Users while ensuring GDPR compliance.
You need to demonstrate spend under management but lack the insights you need. Performance manage contracts and gain valuable insights to achieve better renegotiations and better value.
Manual effort to compile cross-organisational contract and supplier reporting. One version of the truth around your spend under contract with configurable reporting, exportable to excel!
No clear audit trail on documents. More visibility and audit on all documents stored in Accord’s document archive.

When you need to be all-knowing you turn to Accord.

Relying on shared spreadsheet or paper solutions just won’t work for an agile, remote or hybrid working team that needs to make informed and strategic decisions.

Accord can help you make informed calls based on clear visual reporting and instant views on your data. Saving your team time spent chasing information across departments, and saving the business from costly mistakes.

When you need to achieve better distributed contract management you turn to Accord.

Share contract data, easily. Multi-department access with standardized compliance means you can share access to your Accord system across teams, providing centralised and compliant contract management. Procurement teams gain the visibility they need where contracts are distributed.


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When you need more reports, you turn to Accord.

Filter and query your contracts and supplier register along many data fields to build configurable reports, exportable to excel! Visualise cost-saving opportunities with Category querying and identify duplicate requirements

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When you need answers quickly and ahead of time you turn to Accord.

Visibility is one click away. Accord’s Dashboarding enables you to instantly review all contracts’ current status with Activity Scheduling so you can see what needs to next. Accord’s Forward-Look Report provides a 12-24 month Gantt Chart view for improved workload planning.


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“The ability and freedom to develop Accord to address challenges of bringing all contracts into one council has been vital in the work needed under the Shaping Dorset Council programme. It enabled the councils to not only to have a central record of all contracts but also to provide one version of the truth as all decisions in relation to the contracts were held in the one place”

Dawn Adams, Interim Head of Procurement, Dorset Council Read full case study

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