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Swimming in paper processes and struggling with spreadsheets?

Consolidate your contract and supplier register so nothing gets missed.

Drowning in paper processes?

Paper and spreadsheets are clogging up your processes and slowing you down.

No more scrolling through endless lines of your contract spreadsheets or shared drives, with Accord you can gain quick and easy access to supplier and contract information to achieve the forward-planning you want.

Using shared drives and spreadsheets for your distributed contract management process.

Consolidating your data with Accord’s streamlined automation and reporting.

They lack efficient control and security. All your data is secured behind login settings and user permissions.
More chances of human errors. Standardises your data input and with alerts and escalations processes there is no room for costly auto-renewals.
Harder to consolidate and merge. Brings information together from your distributed processes easily to manage all your data in one central system.
Unsuitable and unfit for agile business practices. Adapted to your workflows to meet your procedural compliance requirements.
Inefficient to manage scalability. Bundled package options to meet your needs as you grow.
Lacks visuals to help make quick decisions. Review and analyse your contract and supplier data on simple digital data dashboards. and configurable reports.
Difficult for sharing internally and enable collaboratively work. Store and share data or documents to work collaboratively with your internal stakeholder, customers and suppliers.
Lacks the ability to troubleshoot and test. Data is always complete and traceable with audit trails throughout the system.
Vulnerable to corruption and lost data. All data is archived and never lost and data can’t be accidentally corrupted by a formula change.
Lacks functionality to manage advanced workflows. Configured and built-in workflows, mandatory fields, and approvals ensures your compliance regime is followed 100% of the time.

When you need to stop relying on spreadsheets, you turn to Accord.

Maximise savings and minimise costly mistakes by consolidating your contracts and never missing important contract deadlines or milestones again.

Removing your use of spreadsheet and  cumbersome shared drives in your downstream contract management process, can save your company money by minimising human labour costs and helping your team spend their time more effectively. Minimise costly mistakes, and maximise potential savings and spend under management by achieving the visibility you need on spend under contract.

When you need to gain procedural compliance and minimise GDPR risk, you turn to Accord.

With configurable Permissions, Configurable Alerts and Escalations and Activity Scheduling, collaborate cross-departmentally, safely and securely. Mandatory fields, built-in workflows along with category management helps ensure your procedural compliance.

Hand holding screen
example of alerts and escalations

When you need reliable data in one place, you turn to Accord.

Safely storing your contract and supplier register in one central place, you and your team can find any information and any associated documentation – Accord’s Document Request functionality ensures key documents from your supplier or internal stakeholder are stored safely in Accord’s files and folder structure, never to be misplaced again.

Hand holding screen
example of graphical reporting

When you need to gain strategic visibility, you turn to Accord.

Gain control and access to your data, fast. Accord’s digital dashboard provides easy to read status’ on your contract register, upcoming deadlines and milestones.  Search tools enable you to create customisable excel reports, so you can report and cross reference by contract status, date, value, supplier, category.

Hand holding screen
example of report

“The ability and freedom to develop Accord to address challenges of bringing all contracts into one council has been vital in the work needed under the Shaping Dorset Council programme. It enabled the councils to not only to have a central record of all contracts but also to provide one version of the truth as all decisions in relation to the contracts were held in the one place”

Dawn Adams, Interim Head of Procurement, Dorset Council Read full case study

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