Accord: 2017 Updates You May Want

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Twelve months, 52 weeks, 260 working days. During 2017 we made some changes to our Accord Contracts Management System that you may or may not be aware of.

If you didn’t know, Target are a software company, our missions is to empower businesses with consultancy, collaboration and information management systems to transform business critical data to the simple. As requirements change so do our systems; we like to ensure the systems we deliver to our clients can be configured and evolved to meet the business’s needs.

Working closely with our existing clients, the team at Target have developed some great changes that other clients or potential customers could take advantage of with our Accord Contracts Management System:

  • Document Versioning – As part of the ability to upload and attach documents; in the folder structure Documents can now be versioned so the latest uploaded document displays but you also have the opportunity to look back at older versions of the document.
  • Email Generation – When setting up a new user for the system, existing users would need to create an email with all the information, but now rather than creating emails you can now generate your welcome email to simplify the creation of setting their own password.
  • Tabulated Contract View – Target is about helping businesses make sense of data, but how do you want to see that data? You now have the option to move your contract view to a tabulated format to save you scrolling through each section – But that is down to you and how you like to see and work with your data.
  • User Log In Summary – Do you know who is an active user of your Accord Contracts Management System? You now have the availability to see at a glance who has been using Accord, displaying when they last logged in. Great if you want to pick up some training with the team.
  • Homepage Reports & Graphs – Again, we want to make sure you can see your business data exactly how you like it to meet your business requirements. Your Accord homepage graph can be either in a pie chart, line graph or bar chart. How do you like to see information?

You will also be pleased to know that Target’s Accord Contract Management system can support you with upcoming GDPR requirements. Accord helps with GDPR compliance by helping manage and storing your data in a secure hosting environment under ISO27001 Accreditation behind Enterprise Class Firewalls. With clear user permissions you know your data is secure and who has access to it.

All Accord updates can easily be switched on or off by us, users just need to let the team what they would like to see and use in the Contracts Management System.

Not only have we developed some little update changes to Accord, during the course of the year we have had the opportunity to collaborate with our great clients to develop some additional tools that fit perfectly into Accord, including;

  • Project/Tender Tracker
  • Document Approval Process
  • Document Generation – Using your own business templates.
  • Supplier Spend Analysis

It’s been a great 2017 for Target’s Accord Contracts Management System; knowing our clients are achieving the best out of their business critical data with our software and providing us the opportunity to use our skills and knowledge and grow our system; we are feeling positive about 2018.

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