Better Procurement Practices; It’s For A Greater Good!

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‘Better procurement practices represent a tremendous opportunity to improve efficiency and free up as much as £2 billion more for patient care.’

  • Lincolnshire Echo, (2014). ‘Protecting our NHS means we must always drive for improvement’. Online <>

We understand that within the NHS environment there are internal systems which can be challenging at times, as overwhelming data becomes a burden and the reports are still being delivered by hand cranking that lever.

The article shows that driving forward office efficiencies in relation to goods and services can save as much as two billion to be distributed for more patient care. At Target we have created a solution which relieves you from the everyday work frustrations by improving the efficiency of work flows.

With our NHS clients we have seen significant changes with their savings whilst using our contract management systems; Accord.

Improving how you handle your data can help you keep constant tabs on the whole scope of contract information in your department. By having a centralised system it allows the department to carry out tasks more effectively as all supplier and contract data can be accurately accessed, shared and reported.

The given article states by taking steps to improve hospital procurement practices will consequently ensure that money goes to where it should; the patients, not down the drain. Much like the inspirational Labour Conference speech given by Harry Smith; our fellow Barnsley man, we believe we cannot let the NHS and its services be controlled by budget constraints and the government.

At Target we listen, understand, collaborate and create a platform that meet the needed requirements. We are proud to have helped our clients save lots of time, effort and money.

Take a moment and look at your current work flow… Is it wise to invest and in return save money in the next year?

Absolutely YES! It’s for the greater needs of the NHS service…

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