Making Additions for Contracts Compliance

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Procurement and purchasing departments are always on the look out to optimise and update technology to help them get control of contracts and supplier data, ensure they are compliant for internal and external audits, and make significant savings to their bottom line.

Innovations in technology are helping procurement and purchasing departments move away from the go-to business tool, that is Excel. Once a sturdy and capable application to handle numbers, Excel has become a nightmare to manage as it no longer meets the requirements of a busy procurement office. Excel is continuing to be pushed beyond its limits – resulting in loss data, corrupt files and explicit sentences being mumbled out of frustration.

Target has been providing contract management systems to organisations in the public and private sector since 2010 – helping businesses replace unreliable and overwhelming spreadsheets and powering them with modern, robust and most importantly bespoke systems for contracts compliance.

Our Accord Contract Management System has become more than a contract management tool. Still a system to help you store and manage data effectively and efficiently, as well as organise team activities and drive productivity – Accord has evolved into a robust and intelligent information, escalations and reporting management system, completely personal to business and work ethic to help gain desired contracts compliance.

Accord stands as valuable system for contracts compliance as it continues to meet the needs of varied businesses and over time the Accord contracts management system has been developed to enable;

  • An intelligent supplier login to handle supplier data and compliance, with defect reporting and job order functionality.
  • A fully functional expenditure contracts manager.
  • A fully functioning income module to organise and track all income contracts.
  • Credit review features in which you can upload relevant documents and rate risk against clients/suppliers.
  • A tight approval process to improve renewal workflow around important contracts and to schedule maintenance against specific equipment with the correct approval
  • Information access hierarchy to organise contracts and department activities to enforce clarity and information security.
  • Facilities equipment management to handle compliance certificates and evidence contractor skills to complete work orders.
  • OJEU Tender Tracker for a clear view on overall progress of each stage, from; Initiation, Requirements and Advertisements, to Evaluation, Contract Award, Implementation and Close Off.
  • Automated reporting to provide tender metrics for the Office of Government Procurement.

Accord is making managing contracts compliance and supplier data easy and putting you in control, while we are helping develop additional features to deliver something new and fresh to contracts management to improve the system to match changing needs.

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