New Year, New Contract Management System: How Accord can help in 2018

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The usual cliché saying and chatter around self-improvement and change around the beginning of January can sometimes not be took any further than the first month of the New Year… But we are here to talk about our Accord Contracts Management system and how it can help you kick start your 2018 and how it can help you remain in control of your contracts and supplier data in the future.

Given how budgets will soon be set and the feeling of the need to save not only money but your time as well, maybe 2018 is a good point to survey the past and work out what can be done to improve the future.

Move away from Excel Spreadsheets and outdated databases that restrict the way you want to work. It’s time to take a different approach to how you manage contract and supplier data in your procurement process and use the Internet to your advantage.

Our Accord Contracts Management System has been providing the ultimate control, visibility and compliance to organisations in both the private and public sector since 2010 and has become the most efficient and cost-effective system to manage contracts and supply chain data.

As an advanced information management and reporting tool with supplier intelligence function, Accord can help kick start your 2018 by telling you everything you need to know about your suppliers, contracts and what needs doing next; holding your key clauses, including review dates, end dates and terminations dates in one central location.

As an online contracts management system, Accord can help your organisation centralise data in one secure place to gain control, compliance and savings in both time and money, as well as creating greater insights into data to make more informed decisions.

The Accord system makes managing contracts easy, whether it is expenditure contracts or income contracts, or both; Accord has it sorted. Accord is all about ensuring you have one version of the truth and nothing gets missed in your procurement process, ready for the years ahead.

With the help of our clients, we’ve developed Accord to provide a different approach to the procurement process and help your new year with a new contract management system. Accord can now become more than a contract management system, by providing a collaborative working platform and help business quantify, measure and track every interaction and engagement in excruciating detail.

Often the world seems big and overwhelming and hard to alter. But with our consultancy, some collaboration and innovative software, things can become simpler.

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