Prepare for The Procurement Bill with Accord

Are you ready for the new legislation? With Accord's Forward-Look Reporting, you'll gain complete visibility and control over your contracts—and a strategic head-start.

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Accord’s reporting tools have the public sector in mind.

As a large contracting authority, you’re no stranger to the need for transparency in your procurement process. But now that the UK government is introducing new legislation, requiring large contracting authorities to report an 18-month pipeline of anticipated procurements valued over £2 million, you need more than just transparency—you need a clear picture of what’s to come. Accord is designed to help you meet these requirements easily.

Achieve a Forward-Look…

We’ve adapted our software to meet the needs of the public sector through close collaboration with our current public sector clients. Look ahead 12-24 months on the Forward-Look Report to see contracts’ end dates, reviews, extensions. Filter the report to show your personalised workplan for effective resource planning. Ensure a longer lead time for supplier renegotiations to achieve best value contracts management.

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Visibility on anticipated procurements…

We can help you track anticipated procurements by number and actual procurements by number, as well as the total annual value of contracts expiring and the number of contracts expiring.  You can filter by value and spend category, to not only respond to this new legislation but to provide the control and strategic head-start you require!

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Accord helps you fulfill your obligations…

Fulfilling Freedom of Information requests can be a time-consuming task. Wolverhampton and Dorset have implemented public-facing sections of their Accord systems, which they direct members of the public to upon receipt of an enquiry.  Make transparency easy with Accord!

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“The ability and freedom to develop Accord to address challenges of bringing all contracts into one council has been vital in the work needed under the Shaping Dorset Council programme. It enabled the councils to not only to have a central record of all contracts but also to provide one version of the truth as all decisions in relation to the contracts were held in the one place”

Dawn Adams, Interim Head of Procurement, Dorset Council Read full case study

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