Take a Different Approach to your Contract Management Process

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As the new year approaches, we tend to start to think about the changes we will make for the new year ahead within our contract management process.

We know keeping on top of contracts, managing suppliers and making sure everything complies with standards can be hard work; especially when trying to handle large sets of data in large and dispersed spreadsheets or outdated and multiple internal and external systems.

So maybe it’s the perfect time to take a different approach to how you manage contract and supplier data in your contract management process.

We created our Accord Contract Management System back in 2010 and ever since, we have been developing its capabilities to meet the needs of the growing and changing requirements that businesses have faced over the years.

Accord is our contracts information manager and reporting system, helping organisations centralise their data in one secure place to gain control, compliance and savings; creating greater insights into data to make more informed decisions.

The Accord Contract Management System makes managing contracts easy, whether it is expenditure contract or income contracts, or both; Accord has it sorted. Not only is it perfect for busy procurement departments to manage data, the system has expanded to bring control and compliance in the facilities departments too to help manage maintenance contracts and facilities equipment compliance so you can meet health and safety legislation.

Accord is ensuring organisations have one version of the truth and nothing gets missed in your procurement and contract management process. With the help of our clients, we’ve developed Accord to provide a different approach to the procurement process, by proving a collaborative working platform and help businesses quantify, measure and track every interaction, transaction and engagement in excruciating detail.

What do you need to manage?

Want to improve buy-side contract and supply chain management?

Want to improve sell-side contract and supply chain management?

Want to manage suppliers as well as both expenditure & income contracts?

Wanting to extend your data management and business insights? Take a look at our additional modules that fit perfectly into Accord.

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