Your Guide for Managing Document Templates, Requests and Storage

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Repeating the same tasks over and over again can be the bane of good time management and when you can find yourselves with repetitive tasks, which are time consuming you eventually start misplacing data and making errors, so with that in mind, it is time to consider created automated templates and documents.

What are automated document templates?

A document template is your company letterhead and set format for your contract’s documentation, it will typically bear the primary parts of the contract agreement and various fields where the user manually needs to input variable contract information. When automating your document templates, you’d be able to fill in these data fields quickly, as a system will auto-populate he document with the data and information straight from the contract, such as the supplier’s name, contract reference, key contracts, etc.

As manually inputting data and drafting and editing documents can be so time consuming, especially when you must do this multiple times for multiple contracts and suppliers, it’s no wonder most are employing contract automation to improve their efficiency, productivity, and supplier relations. More so, contract templates play a pivotal role in eliminating inevitable human errors in automating contract processes.

If you think you are spending too much time on creating contract documents, read on to find out about the Accord Contract Management System’s Document Tools for…

  • Document Templates
  • Document Generation
  • Document Sharing
  • Document Requests
  • Document Storage

Accord Document Templates

Show and tell us, how your contracts look, and we’ll configure this into the system, so you have all your key contract document templates in one place. With Accord, the system will take your branded company letter headed template and upload it straight into the system ready for any document creation related to your contracts, so you don’t need to build from scratch as well as ensure standards are maintained.

Accord Document Generation

Now that your templates are set up in the system ready to use, Accord will create your document, such as a letter, with the information you need straight from the contract and into your own document template – branded, automatically populated with key contract data. Instantly generated and pre-populated with the data and fields needed in your document such as, the supplier details, contract name and reference, key contract dates, etc. No need to re-key information and reducing manual errors. All provided in a Word document, you can adjust, edit, and add any additional comments in the document before you re-upload it into the system against the contract award.

Accord Document Sharing

When you have edited the document or if you need to add any additional comments or make changes, you can edit the document and re-upload it back into Accord to share it easily with your internal stakeholders for review and approval, all in one place and with a visible audit trail.

Accord Document Requests

Not only can you share files and documents via Accord, but you can also request documents using Accord. Request new versions of contract and supplier files and documents, from external and internal contacts via email at the click of a button, and with a simple and secure link, your contact can upload file directly into the system with any additional comments. By using Accord to request documents, you will gain audit trail of those activities and actions and gain a clear understanding of where information is being shared and who with.

Accord Document Storage

Never misplace or lose a file again, as when you upload your new document creations straight into Accord you have the ability to create folder structures and document versions with your contract and supplier documents such as quotations, service level agreements, etc. and save time and effort knowing all your documents are in one place and in the right place.

Five benefits of automated document templates

  1. Faster document creation
  2. Minimises errors
  3. Saves your team time
  4. Improves your team’s productivity
  5. Seamless internal and external collaboration

Document Template, Creation and File Requests and Sharing with Accord Contract Management System

Accord Contracts Management makes it easy to create seamless, standardised contract documents and files; let the data automation through the system do all the hard work for you. With a document template library to create several contract documents easily and instantly, such as extension letters, Accord makes managing contracts simple, easy, and stress-free.

This great feature is just another reason why our Accord Contract Management System has been providing the ultimate control, visibility and compliance to organisations in both the private and public sector since 2010.

Accord is an advanced contract management and reporting system that tells you as much as you need to know about your suppliers, contracts and what needs doing next, holding your key clauses, including review dates, end dates, and terminations dates in one central secure location.

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