Handling COVID-19: Seamless Homeworking, Collaborative Data and Contract Management

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COVID-19 is increasingly and unavoidably at the top of everyone’s minds. It’s certainly at the top of ours. We have gone from an in-office company to a 100% remote company, and most importantly for our clients there will be no interruptions to service, and we are fully committed to supporting businesses by continuing to deliver responsive support during this time of uncertainty.

Up to 40% of many company’s data is managed in spreadsheets, unfortunately when you rely too heavily on spreadsheets to manage core business processes you’re storing up potential problems in how the data is shared, processed and secured.

Common spreadsheet problems:

  • ‘cut and paste’ style templates leading to inefficiencies.
  • missing key contract milestones.
  • scrolling across hundreds of columns and switching and sharing between spreadsheets.
  • manual inputting and inaccurate data.
  • manually hand cranking reports.
  • version control.
  • loss of alerts and reminders
  • contracts go un-renewed, certificates go unchecked and KPIs drop.

…All leading to potential compliance issues.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, having a dynamic and flexible contracts management system is critical to your business to ensure nothing in your contract management process gets missed while you are away from the office environment.

Can we help you and your team move towards collaborative working future?
Do you need an efficient way of managing contracts and supplier data, and ensure nothing is missed while working around the Coronavirus?

Our Accord: Contracts Management System offers visibility into your contracts and supply chain and provides valuable tools for helping your team to collaborate efficiently. Accord is enabling your organisation to continue working safely and productively with; Homeworking access, Alerts and Escalations notifications and Contracts Management.

  • Homeworking: Our Accord systems are cloud-based solutions, enabling you and your team to work remotely and still have 24/7, 365 days access to all the information and the database so you can continue to manage your contracts, suppliers, team and workload.
  • Alerts and Escalations: Automating your data, the system can notify your team to activities, expiring contracts and upcoming renewals. Accord ensures your team is always in control and one step ahead.
  • Contracts Management: A centralised register of contracts to manage your current, un-awarded and historic contracts, will enable you to collaboratively work with your team. Set activities for yourself or your colleagues against suppliers and contracts to ensure you don’t miss key review dates and significantly improve productivity through focusing your team on their individual work plan.

Developed with various organisations in the public and private sector Accord: Contracts Management System is a centralised register of contracts and contracts manager, providing one version of the truth, so nothing gets missed; all while you gain the control and compliance you desire to ultimately drive savings through improved data management and create longer negotiation times.

This level of information management and tracking of contracts and suppliers ensures teams can continue to work out of office and collaborate with each other efficiently and effectively. Mark Chadwick, Director of Business Services: “Working with Target and implementing Accord we have an enhanced contract management system which is a fantastic asset to our business.”

With a lot of uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, your business can move towards a productive future and improve your contracts management and collaborative working with innovative software to seriously contribute to your savings in time, money and employee safety and productivity!

Want to see how you can manage seamless and collaborative contracts management? We’re currently offering free, no-obligation walk throughs of the Accord system over webinar if you’d be interested to see more! Click here to schedule a suitable time.

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